Custom Rugs

Designing: Sketching or creating a design on paper. Transferring the design onto a grid for precise measurements.

Material and Dyeing: Choosing the type of yarn or fiber (wool, silk, cotton) for the carpet. Selecting vibrant and suitable colors for the design. Dyeing the yarn in various colors according to the design and ensuring consistency and uniformity in color.

Weaving: Setting up the vertical foundation threads (warp) on a loom and securing the warp threads tightly to maintain tension. Hand-knotting individual tufts of dyed yarn around pairs of warp threads and creating the carpet's pile by tightly compressing the knots.

Washing and Cleaning: Trimming the pile to a uniform height using shears and enhancing the carpet's texture and appearance. Washing the completed carpet to remove any remaining dyes or impurities and sun-drying or air-drying to maintain the carpet's integrity.

Finishing and Final Art: Adding fringes or other decorative elements to the edges and Inspecting the carpet for quality and making any necessary repairs. Thoroughly examining the carpet for any imperfections and making final adjustments and ensuring the overall quality. This carpet each step contributes to the creation of a unique and valuable piece of art.

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